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Of My Poetry (I would say)

Of My Poetry

(I would say)

written by: sidonamarie



of my poetry
I would say—

the poems are the product
of imaginings, dreams, and spirit—
make no more or less of them
read no more into the words
than what they say

that I have freely accepted
the gift of them,
the burden of them,
and I freely cast them
into the water
as my pebbles into a pond
to watch
to what extent the ripples expand

they are cocooned butterflies
captured by a poet’s soul
waiting for open minds and hearts
to bring in
hold close
and then release them

that in arrogance
they are born and abound—
to think or believe that there
be hidden in them
any pearl or treasure
not already found and spent

they only speak
of what is close,
of what is past,
of what is present
if any prophecy
they may contain
it is this—
they are a portion of
a continuum of conception
of whispers that ride on breezes
passed endlessly from tree to tree
that my words
carry hope as a seed
around a wildflower wanting
to land in firmer ground
than dry or saturated sand
so always to be sought and found
growing on the open ground
never lost to wander
or to drown
in the fog above
or below the sea—

I would say
of my poetry


Of My Poetry was published in 2015 in my first poetry collection called By the Pond (Dreams, Imaginings, Musings).

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