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I am your poetry

written by: Beth Tremaglio



I am your poetry,
hidden within rhymes and riddles.
I am your poem,
hidden within a breeze, verses of unsung melodies.
I am your poetry,
rhythms hidden within the heavenlies.
I am your poem,
hidden within echoes of maddening rains.
I am your poetry,
hidden within a storm to stir your slumbered soul.
I am your poem,
hidden within pens ink.
I am your poetry,
what you try to write away.
I am that poem,
a poem that won't go away,
for I am you, you unexplored, unspoken, and hidden with maddening rhymes,
and of you,
you will always write,
for you are


Beth Tremaglio

Beth Tremaglio

JULY 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Finding my way back to myself through writing and climbing.
Randomness of thoughts
Writing words, letting them live through me
Beth Tremaglio

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