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I Fell

written by: Coffee Girl



I fell
I fell fast
I fell hard
Did you fall too?
Are we to be
Maybe not?
We have to wait and see
You have so much more
To live for
I don't wanna stand in the way
will it be hard for you
As much as me?
But don't be sad my love
Be strong
And I know you will
For two precious reasons
No matter the outcome
I have loved our time together
You have made me feel things
Never felt before
As I live and breathe
I will carry you in my heart
And love you



This  is the 1st one I wrote. The one that started it all.

coffee girl

coffee girl

I am a lover of all things artistic.
As a kid I would write stories but stopped somewhere along the way and have recently become inspired to try again. Poetry is actually kind of new for me but I'm giving it a go.
coffee girl

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