I Found Solace, a poem written by Lewis Wamwanda at Spillwords.com

I Found Solace

I Found Solace

written by: Lewis Wamwanda



I remember days ago, those doomed days
When depression was a reflection of my soul
And my eyes were painted black
And my face of wrinkled skin
And I sit down and smile,

I found solace somewhere
And I’m not selfish either, not at all
To share this mutual understanding
And the discovery of self happiness
That won’t be begotten anywhere
But from the solace within

My happiness comes from self acceptance
Of no denial of the bitter black past
But the embracement of my old self
And learning from the bitter thorns
Of life, of love, of pain, of torture
And re-writing of the better me

I found solace within me
And accepted that at times I’m wrong
Not worth it at all, and pain will be part of me
I found my solace
To dust off the dust in my eyes
And sweep the webs of fear and sorrow

The secret of happiness
Told by my inner self, my solace
To accept my mistakes, my pains
To forgive, to move on, and love
“Depression is an illness”, He said
“And you are the only doctor,
Choose Between happiness and sorrow”

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