The Sacrificial Altar of Hope, poem by Yasmin Hemmat at

The Sacrificial Altar of Hope

The Sacrificial Altar of Hope

written by: Yasmin Hemmat


My quill drips with my blood,
While I’m writing to the oracle of my imprisoned soul.
The river of blood soon floats into a flood,
And ichor effuses without control.

The darkness of my soul seeks asylum from the chariot of fire,
The flame of perdition burns my bones.
The Gods of death look upon me with no desire,
Since they are fighting against their thrones.

I hear the lively laughter of Sirens,
They sing an enchanting song.
I slip slowly into silence,
To the land where I belong.

Darkness engulfs me with eternal void,
Soon I’ll be floating in the river Styx.
The world is soon going to be destroyed,
While clutching my trinket crucifix.

By the Willow tree, near the river,
I unleash Pandora’s box.
May the Devil prosper ever!
And unchain from all locks.

With the crimson dagger of the Devil,
I’ve sacrificed Elpis* on the altar of Stonehenge.
Now I can surfeit with the infernal revel,
And take my lifelong revenge.


*  Elpis – personification and spirit of hope in Pandora’s box

Yasmin Hemmat

Yasmin Hemmat

Yasmin Hemmat holds an M.A in dramatic literature. She is now an M.A student in English literature. She is also a part-time teacher with a passion for reading and writing poetry and story. Her poems have been published in literary journals such as: Spillwords, Literary Hatchet, Literary Yard, Piker Press, Raven Cage Zine and Down in the Dirt magazine.
Yasmin Hemmat

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