An Ode to an Enigmatic Night, poem by Yasmin Hemmat at
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An Ode to an Enigmatic Night

An Ode to an Enigmatic Night

written by: Yasmin Hemmat


In the depths of the night, where shadows creep,
A moon, cloaked in darkness, begins to weep.
Its pale light flickers, casting an eerie glow,
As the world descends into the abyss below.

From the depths emerges a mournful howl,
A lone wolf’s cry, a melancholic prowl.
Through the veil of night, its voice does pierce,
Echoing sorrow, bringing silence’s fierce.

In this symphony of solitude and despair,
Where death dances lightly with the air,
A somber melody whispers in the breeze,
Carrying tales of souls lost in unease.

The abyss beckons with its timeless maw,
A vortex of uncertainty, devoid of flaw.
Within its depths, secrets forever kept,
As darkness weaves its shroud, unwrapped.

Yet the moon shines on, a solitary guide,
Witness to the passage of spirits side by side.
For even in death’s embrace, a glimmer gleams,
Hope’s fragile ember, breaking through the seams.

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