Ethereal Encounter in the Night's Embrace, a poem by Yasmin Hemmat at

Ethereal Encounter in the Night’s Embrace

Ethereal Encounter in the Night’s Embrace

written by: Yasmin Hemmat


In the realm of night’s profound embrace,
Where solitude finds its sacred space,
A tale unfolds with whispers light,
Of absence, anonymity, and the night.

An unnamed narrator, lost in gloom,
In a house, where shadows loom,
Invisible hands caress the air,
The presence of another, beyond compare.

No face, no name, just a mysterious “he,”
A specter drifting silently, in mystery,
In the depths of night, their paths entwine,
Their souls unite, in the celestial design.

Is this “other” but echo of her own distress?
Or a foreign presence, an enigmatic guest?
Night reveals secrets, both obscure and bright,
As the soul trembles in this dance of night.

Ambiguity lingers, reality unclear,
As the encounter leaves her near,
To the edge of self, where boundaries fray,
In the other night, truths sway.

The house, a stage for this nocturnal play,
Where the script is written in shades of gray,
Invisible threads bind them together,
In the symphony of night, they dance forever.

But as the night’s embrace begins to wane,
And the first light of dawn marks the terrain,
The mysterious “he” starts to fade,
Immersing her, in solitude’s serenade.

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