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written by: James Marchiori



A day out or in,

abroad, indoor in consequence.

How long will we stay?

Often we leave.

Outdoor in the middle of the day,

thinking of a full madness imaginary

on how it could be.

We leave for an overdose of beauty,

for a chalkboard filled up of words

we always thought,

but we have never been

frank enough to tell.

A day in beauty,

a day abroad.

A day in overdosing freedom.

A day you feel free to be the bum,

you’ve always wanted to be. 

James Marchiori

James Marchiori

James Marchiori is an Italian born, Dublin based poet and writer. He wrote his first verses at nine years old, and since then, being part of prestigious cultural organizations, he has been collecting various literary awards across Italy, London, Barcelona, and Prague. He’s also been awarded at the European Parliament in Brussels for one of his poems. At twenty-one years old he published his first book of selected poems and, by his 28th birthday, other two poetry anthologies and short stories were out. His professional career brought him around the world from London to Los Angeles and New York, but he never stopped writing and studying philosophy and literature always taking tons of notes with him, no matter where his job experiences were heading to. His last novel, ‘To My Beloved Heart’ is a tribute to the master, Edgar Allan Poe, his primary source of inspiration, and 2019 will also see his first English collected poems anthology; he’s also currently working on a crime story set in Dublin, Ireland, with fragments of gothic, occult and supernatural elements.
Bohemia incarnate, a soul devoted to Surrealism and Poetry.
James Marchiori

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