Trudging Uncharted, a poem by Jackie S. at
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Trudging Uncharted

Trudging Uncharted

written by: Jackie Shaffer


Passing in and out of darkness
Explosion last thing to see
Finishing my army tour
Civilian soon to be

Hospital stay, tubes endless
Consciousness slowly returning
Doctors in shadows, whispers
White coats shoulders hunched, diverging

Mind slowly lifting from fog
Words saturating ears
IED, amputation, road ahead
All these clearly, I hear said

Looking pass shoulder
Arm enveloped tightly,
No forearm, wrist or fingers
Sensation reluctant to leave, still lingers

Sickness in gut, churning, chest heaving
Doctor looking at me speaking
Words inside tunnel, reverberating
Zero comprehension
Must be a dream

Ears not hearing, throat closing
Hand to hand combat
Trained not to scream

Feelings of anger, psychological torment
Weary solitude and despair
Enlisted, proud to serve country
Prosthetics now my life, my family to share

Prayers to God, laying hands, healing body
and spirit
Family embracing my newness
No trepidation, bearing it

Finding happiness inward
Being my own best friend
My new way of living
Peace solely within

Unchartered course awaits me
No idea what tomorrow will bring
Soldier marching, no retreat
A grunt trudging, I shall be

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