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Another Dawn

Another Dawn

written by: Saketh Ram Josyabhatla


I see water trickling down the hill
All my reveries making me still
Except for one picking up nature’s cue
That falling down can be beautiful too

I see clouds conquering the endless blue
Blemishing the sky with their grayish hue
But the virtue of a cloud is not when it’s high
Only in the flowers born from the soil once dry

I see leaves resentfully fall off the tree
With no one hearing their silent plea
Drifting in the breeze, reaching tranquility
Inviting me to join them in nullity

I see incessant waves drenching the sand
Emerging from the sea so widely spanned
Giving my toes a gentle peck
In this cosmos, I’m just a tiny speck

I see the sun’s rays fading in the West
Like scars of the heart, losing their zest
For no matter how much is gone
There will always be another dawn

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