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One Last Goodbye

written by: Hazel Leonard


Our last journey was on a cold July morning,
All your family mourning your death,
Your children all dressed in black,
Hold their tears back.

We got into the cars,
And we began your final journey,
In around the Neale where you grew up.
The church was cold and it was lifeless,
Everyone wondering why you were taken so soon.

I sat second row from the top,
Your coffin right next to me with your photo standing proud.
I couldn't get my head around the fact you were gone,
Somewhere out there you were watching over us.

I couldn't contain my emotions,
My heart was broken,
Twelve years of age,
Watching the curtains close around your coffin,
I knew it was time for,
Our one last goodbye, Dad!

Hazel Leonard

Hazel Leonard

Hazel lives in Mayo, Ireland. Hazel is still in education, her education means a lot to her. She studies hairdressing. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews and dancing. Hazel hopes to teach English to Brazilians, hoping to learn the language.
Hazel Leonard

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