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written by: Stanley W. Shura


The horn squeals high notes.
The poet draws from the music
and sets his pencil tapping:
Ka-ching be doo ling
A ding a ting ting
The beat’s the thing that makes the heart sing!

Harmonies rise in the air
and melody comes alive there
while list’ners can’t stop clapping.
Sing and dance and make some romance.
Take a chance this day.
Do what you think you cannot!

Set your pain free. LET IT GO! LET IT BE!
Bring forth your magic and light.
There but for the beating heart
Is a corpse!
So sing sing sing! There IS no tomorrow
without today. MAKE IT MATTER!

Rat a tat tat and some more of that spirit!
For one day, come what may, we WILL stray
from these earthly limits.
Hone those chops, man! That is the plan
of which I speak.
The horn squeals and that’s the deal.

You’ve got one chance. Glance around you!
Your audience – your world! – awaits YOUR tune.
Set those hands down and say it!
You have the tools and only fools let now pass empty.
Fill our plates, son!
We are hungry!

Stanley W. Shura

Stanley W. Shura

I am a mid-forties retail worker and former paraprofessional of 16 years. I teach piano privately and have done so since my college days studying music.

Writing has been an outlet and a salvation of mine since childhood. Thanks to some supportive and encouraging teachers, particularly in high school, I gained confidence and discovered I had a lot to say and the means to say it.
Stanley W. Shura

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