All that is wild, written by Beth Tremaglio at

All that is wild

All that is wild

written by: Beth Tremaglio



Nature learns nothing from humanity’s knowledge, there are no lessons the beasts of the field can learn from us.


I sat with all that is wild
envied freedom,
desiring to breathe the breath of the untamed,
for all that is ungoverned shows to be more lawful than all governed lawlessness.

Humanity lay

impoverished in knowledge
before the beasts of the field.

Nature learns nothing from humanity,
there are no
lessons to be taught,
the lion and the lamb can lay together for common good.

There is no gold or silver she desires,

the beast of the field
wakes and sleeps apart from humanity’s instructions.
Kings and queens desperate to own the earth
destroy that which they cannot control.
Humanity’s rulers
have yet to make the stars dance,
the sun rise and call forth day, 

the moon set and call forth night,

the seas to voyage beyond their boundaries
her waves do not cross.

The beasts have declared to men/women, 
not all knowledge is knowledgeable 
but rather,

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