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If I Had A Magic Wand

If I had a magic wand

written by: Donna Africa



If I had a magic wand
and a perfect song
I could right all the wrongs
that have been unjustly
and undeservedly put upon you
like a curse not knowing why
this had been cast and
what could you possibly
have done so wrong
to justify & deserve all this
excruciating pangs of
intense, unrelenting
and unforgiving pain
that I feel for you
with this empathic
loving & open heart of mine!

If I had a magic wand
I could bring back
that happy & beautiful
smile of yours
that I have not seen
in such a long while
or the laughter
we used to share
in our younger
wild and carefree
days of yesteryear!

If I had a magic wand
I could eradicate
remove & ease
your insufferable
and agonizing pain
that plague you
each & every hour
of your long and
laborious days

like a gallant trooper
you never complain
or let on about your pain
that never ceases
or lets up in any way
but robs you of
your much needed sleep
the drugs that no longer work
or bring relief or ease your pain
but you wear a brave face
with a slight grimace
and soldier on
trying to be ever so brave!

If I had a magic wand
although I feel small
incredibly powerless
out of my depth
and beyond my control
I say unto you
“Draw strength from me”
like an archer’s bow & arrow
outstretched fully
inside its almighty bow
cradling it gently
like a small child
safe, prepared
and ready for flight
and its amazing
journey through life
to be strong

and to connect
become One
with the Universe
and tune into
Mother Nature
as She will guide
heal & make you
well, whole,
complete & strong!

If I had a magic wand
My beloved
& broken Ones,
this is what I
would say unto you,
don’t give up, or despair
as you are powerless
to change what has
gone before
but draw inner
strength from me
like an Archer’s bow & arrow
and be strong
as you know
I care and love you so
my dear beloved ones

so hold on
move on
knowing I care
and I promise
I will always
be right there
by your side
to never stray
or be far away
but be there for
you always
and forever yours


Written by Donna Africa
© Donna Africa


Dedicated to my late beloved Sis Kris.
I hope my empathic heartfelt poem heals and gives hope and strength to those who need it!
With Luv, Light and Liberty!

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