Crossroads, poetry written by JayM at
Malcolm Lightbody



written by: JayM



The earth speaks in whispers,
Tell me about your journeys,
Where did your mind wander,
Where did your feet step,
Where did your soul flow.

Tell me all,
Life, as you sculpted,
I want to know.
A potter’s wheel,
You were shaped upon,
Did the kiln that bake your passions,
Add to your core,
Little pools of joy, rippling about,
How much water,
For a thirsty road,
To slake do you still hold.
Tell me about your journeys, tell me,
Through the swirling mists of a myopic mind’s eye,
Allow me, colours reimagined, to see.

A waltz plays, from somewhere beyond,
Afterthoughts linger,
As footsteps glide,
Through an amative line’s curve.

Indelible prints of your designs upon my mind,
The burst of its fragrance,
The quilt of its colours,
Blossoms tinkling with laughter,
Under a happy blue sky to drape you.

Your kind thoughts prevail like the afterglow of a blazing dusk of compassion,
Your grace shines through,
From the margin where starlight begins,
And purity reigns,
Crimson strands of a sky cushion,
Your beauty, in thoughts and words…

My thoughts came to you,
Passion in autumn shades,
Cloaking time with your embrace,
Turns, a fork, paths split since,
A game of life’s dice,
I won my hand back,
Never the same, warmth bereft,
Yearns a familiar tingle,
No looking back, the seasons ever change.
Twilight, Sunset! Strangers parting in the fading light,
Embraced the night,
Each to love the dawn.

The earth speaks in whispers,
Tell me about your journeys,
On this threshold of a hat tip moment,
Allow a glance to rebound upon,
An answer to a prayer, of souls in need of succour,
To capture intense moments of heartfelt delight.

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