Jesus Didn't Drive A Mercedes, poetry by Mark Tulin at
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Jesus Didn’t Drive A Mercedes

Jesus Didn’t Drive A Mercedes

written by: Mark Tulin



I’m sure that Jesus had an old VW
with bald tires and a turn signal
that didn’t blink half the time.
I’m sure that his clunker
drove him where he wanted to go
just as well as a brand new Mercedes.

I don’t think Jesus bragged
about being a deity
or the son of a very important creator.
I don’t think he acted all proud and puffy
when he raised Lazarus from the dead
or turned water into wine.

I think he was a humble man.
Just as human as you or I.
He preferred the simple life—
diner food to expensive cafes.
And probably bought his robe and sandals
at closeout stores or on sale at Macy’s.

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