Senses A-Soar, poetry written by Jay Mehta at

Senses A-Soar

Senses a-soar

written by: JayM



Senses Aflame:

Rippled reflections on a walk in the rain,
A solitary, floating, wandering cloud,
Chasing shadows.

Drop kissed lashes
washed afresh,
A view new,
Green, serene.
Petrichor wings lift the mind,
A soaring kite,
A toy,
An embodiment of joy.
Beauty expressed as truth,
Splashing wonder of a benign awakening,
The gurgling brook.
Within the whisper of the kite – string bond,
Quietude in togetherness found,
Turning tempest into calm.

A mosaic of delight, the night,
Waltzing under a silver light,
Footsteps slide, alongside,
In a silent glide.

The embrace of freedom in a thousand showers of tinkling wind-chime peals,
An illumination of being.
A voyage of life,
In one salutation of a trembling leaf in the rain.
Rippled reflections on a walk in the rain…

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