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The Spirit Is Gone

written by: Jenise Cook



The Spirit Room has no spirit,
lost in quiet darkness.
The sad siren call of a lone singer on the stone steps
bounces off the cold façades of shuttered businesses.

Friday night in Jerome, Arizona,
frozen by the virus and chaotic guidelines.
Streets once bustling with laughter, rock and roll, and vehicles
now lay in ghost-town silence,
save for the sad siren call of a lone singer on the stone steps.

Jenise Cook

Jenise Cook

Jenise Cook lives in northern Arizona, where it snows, with her fine artist husband. Jenise writes both fiction and nonfiction. Her works are on Mojave He[art] Review, CommuterLit, Lost Pen Magazine, Fifty Word Stories, and several Medium publications (@jenisecook). For a complete list of her works, visit her site: Jenise Cook.
Jenise Cook

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