I Wonder, poetry written by Masooma Ali at Spillwords.com

I Wonder

I Wonder

written by: Masooma Ali


I wonder,
How can you desire a fresh flower
When you have imprisoned her in your tenacious cage?

How can you
Demand her for astonishing beauty
When you have never Watered her roots?

How can you
Blame her for not blooming
When you have kept her away from every seasonal breeze?

How can you
Mock her for not flowering
When you have deprived her of her all basic needs?

O darling,
Every flowering, blooming, fresh, and beautiful flower
Ample Care
Sufficient Water,
And open-air to breathe

Don’t hold her too tight,
You will perish her in a day
She is born to bring fluorescence to your yard
And feed you and soul with her heavenly fruits

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