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written by: Pravat Kumar Padhy


even the shadow
shies away

last kiss–
the gap barricades
my extended hand

masked face
I identify the flowers
of the garden

news headlines
about covid-19

roadside trees
turn greener

dawn to dusk–
the street dogs
bark each other

winter rain
the signboard reads
covid-19 patients

I listen to
sea of silence

the old man googles in isolation an art of living

Pravat Kumar Padhy

Pravat Kumar Padhy

Pravat Kumar Padhy has obtained his Masters of Science and Technology and Ph.D from Indian Institute of Technology, ISM Dhanbad. His poetry has been featured in many journals and anthologies. His poems received many awards, honours and commendations including the Editors’ Choice Award at Writers Guild of India, Asian American Poetry, Poetbay, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival International Haiku Honourable Mention, UNESCO International Year Award of Water Co-operation, The Kloštar Ivanić International Haiku Award, IAFOR Vladimir Devide Haiku Award and others. His work is showcased in the exhibition “Haiku Wall”, Historic Liberty Theatre Gallery in Bend, Oregon, USA and tanka, ‘I mingle’ is featured in the “Kudo Resource Guide”, University of California, Berkeley. His poem, “How Beautiful” is included in the Undergraduate English Curriculum at the university level. He has seven collections of verse to his credit. He holds a place of honour in the World Who’s Who (Europa Biographical Reference, Rutledge, London).
Pravat Kumar Padhy

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