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At This Moment

At This Moment

written by: Victor Fein


At this moment
This very moment
Somewhere a child cries
An alarm sounds
She feels the pain
of the first time
Laughing sounds penetrate the air
A kettle whistles it’s ready
The last strain introduces a new life
While a car crash takes a life
Lips touch
A home run is hit

At this moment
She slides her foot into her high heeled shoe
Dirt is shoveled on a casket
A shot is fired killing a black man
A rose begins to unfold
While he says “ I do”
A lion takes down a Gazelle
A fish is caught for wanting a minnow
Three brothers embrace
Happy father’s day is spoken
While somewhere a helicopter is shot down.

At this very moment
Birds build a nest
While a cat waits for its time.
Rains flood while drought cracks the earth
A poet finds a line to express her feelings

This moment
This very moment
The moon waits its turn to be full
Women dance to drum beats
While the ocean swallows a ship.
Joy swells hearts
While sorrow shrinks them
Nails are pounded through his hands
While he wonders where his Father is
The sun rises for some
While it sets for others
A seedling breaks earth’s surface
While a tree falls
Expressing itself
In these moments

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