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written by: Daniel Princewill alias The Muse



It all started like a wave on the sea,
Giving currents that went all over me,
This feeling- garments my heart making me whole,
‘Cause I found my sun. . .never to let her go.

Her closeness- my heart’s psalm and only ache,
Her presence- my lasting dream as I wake,
Her beauty- a sight I bleed for all day,
For I die in moments we meet and lay.

Her scent- I find myself drowning inside,
For she has become home where I reside,
Even gravity cannot push us down,
As we drift on the clouds to lover’s town.

Stars will die and cease to shine in the sky,
… we shall conquer death- saying no goodbyes.

Daniel Princewill

Daniel Princewill

Daniel Princewill is a content and creative writer, poet, sport blogger, student and teacher on a variety of courses. He is passionate about education, reading habits and the empowerment of youths through active learning and reading habits. His hobbies include reading, singing, writing, learning new and fun stuff.
Daniel Princewill

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