Black and white, a prose by Victor Fein at

Black and White

Black and White

written by: Victor Fein


The black and white sign above the door read: CAFE.
Upon entering It was apparent things were unusual.
I sat in a booth, the seat covered in white vinyl, the table top all black.
I waited patiently observing the one waitress moving about.
She held a white tray about shoulder height.
I could hear noises behind the kitchen door.
I waited and waited, my right leg jiggling up and down in frustration.
Finally, she approached my table then handed me a laminated single sheet.
On the face it said MENU in bold white print contrasting the all black page.
somewhat off center was a white dot. I paused was puzzled then replied,”
“I will take that”.
She did not speak just took her black pen made a dot on her white order
pad and reached for the menu.

Time passed slowly. The only movement was the waitress dressed in her white uniform with black nurses shoes and white hose.
A large very plain looking clock ticked loudly each minute that passed.
Many ticks later my waitress approached my table with her tray held high.
Lowering the tray, she picked up the white plate and placed it before me.
A seed lay in the center of the plate, that’s all just a seed.
I looked up at her in amazement. “What am I to do with this?” I inquired?
She replied, “you are here to learn patience.
Take it home and plant it. It will yield food if you care for it properly.”

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