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Bird Song

Bird Song

written by: James Walmsley


The bird song so beautiful and sweet,
wildflower petals in sunshine replete.
A blissful walk through swaying meadows
just a stroll for us such jolly fellows

Do you remember when l left you,
the rain the steam the hullabaloo.
The tears the sobs a lingering kiss.
Then the lovely sweet smile I so miss.

The day I met you when on my walk,
I dropped my hat just so we could talk.
You picked it up and smiled that smile,
it was a smile god gave you to beguile.

It was on a sunny Sunday we married,
soon the wonder at the child you carried.
I could not believe the miracle of life,
we were so happy and content my lovely wife.

Then the letter came through the door,
to take me away from the family I adore.
And to serve in a far off foreign land.
there to march to the bugles command.

The swaying meadows are now a mire,
crisscrossed by miles of twisted wire.
A sea of mud and blood to reflect upon,
Then a blast and all around are gone.

Walking through the storm of death,
blasts before me that steal my breath.
Machine guns nag that drive me insane,
pure fear; I’m impervious to the pain.

We marched we stood, we marched again,
into the guns in the mud and the rain.
we buried our fallen where they lay,
we raised the colours and marched away.

Now sat in the trench in a quiet time,
waiting for news to come down the line.
Rumour has it the war is at last won,
and all the suffering and dying is done.

I heard a Robin sing this morning,
it sang the song of a new dawning.
It reminded me of when first we met,
and reminded me never to forget.

The bird song so beautiful and sweet,
the grass growing like fields of wheat.
The bird song is strong in my mind,
like a lament for my comrades left behin…….

like a lament for my comrades left behind.

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