Ruth, a poem by James Walmsley at



written by: James Walmsley


Farewell my friends for I am gone,
not quite the way I had planned upon.
Alas it is for me the bell doth toll,
so cry ye not for my troubled soul.

And as I take these last few steps,
I let you know there are no regrets.
For it is fated I shall reach the top,
from hence I will stand then drop.

It matters not the truth is not known,
for I am no more than a callow pawn.
Now walking through fields of sorrow.
knowing for me there is no tomorrow.

Once a rose so cherished and loved,
now discarded my petals crushed.
No one near to give a loving smile,
I am just a thing, a thing to revile.

Now on the fated platform I stand,
no lover now to stand hand in hand.
Just sorrow and a need to forget,
but as the bell tolls, I love thee yet.



Ruth Ellis was the last woman to be hanged in Britain. Albert Peirpoint the hangman said, “Ruth was the bravest human being he had ever met and her execution was a gross miscarriage of justice.” She pleaded guilty to the murder of her boyfriend David Blakely. It took the court just 25 minutes to sentence her to death.

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