Cries Echoed in Silence, poem by Mark Tulin at

Cries Echoed in Silence

Cries Echoed in Silence

written by: Mark Tulin



On a trip to the Muzeum Stutthof,
I had a holocaust of emotions,
images of brutality and chaos,
when I looked upon the headstones
of several family members.

They died inside a concentration camp,
barbed wire strung along its edges,
cries echoed in silence,
burnt memories at the altar,
where smoke billowed
from the pages of Shakespeare
and Chaucer.

I saw the store windows broken,
loss and denigration,
humiliation at the heels
of Fascist boots and gun barrels,
skeletons stacked like pyramids,
hair and gold teeth placed neatly in piles,
bones and ligaments,
hung like meat from deli windows.

It was a world of annihilation,
that history has yet to answer.
An army of distorted glory,
whose crooked cross is etched in our memory,
even when the killing stopped in 1945,
the suffering has never ended.

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