The Orchid Keeper, poetry by Karen Southall Watts at
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The Orchid Keeper

The Orchid Keeper

written by: Karen Southall Watts



He paid extra in the winter to keep the heat going.
In the summer always a fan blowing,
and he had special curtains to filter the sunlight.
Parasitic, symbiotic, a fragile beauty
so exotic, he thought about it every waking hour.
Special food and loving praise
all of his spare attention during the days,
and his deepest devotions at night
he lavished on the splendor kept safe
inside his walls.
Dragging through morning,
his least favorite time
reluctant to leave her side,
but needs must.
Out the door and to the world,
the memory of tousled hair, a sated smile and
the smell of musky perfume swirls
and drives him to his cubicle.

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