180° JBJ, poetry by Scott C. Kaestner at Spillwords.com

180° JBJ

180° JBJ

written by: Scott C. Kaestner


My mind wants
to go there
but I can’t
where there is

so I take a left
down a one
way street
the wrong way

that’s where I met
a part-time
named Jim
Bob Johnson

he said “call me
JBJ and I
got a lil’
story to tell
you my friend”

he told me about
the path to
that involved
making U-turns

his mantra
“if wondering
where to go
one should
immediately turn around!”

so I spun my wheels
around as fast
as I could
kicking up dust
in Jim Bob’s face

and wouldn’t you
know it
about a mile
down the road
from his makeshift altar

I remembered where
there was and
there it was
my local dispensary
loaded up and headed back

to thank JBJ
but he was gone
working his other job
the night shift
cleaning toilets at LAX

so I sat in his altar
and lit one up
to honor his path
his 180 degree way
to higher consciousness

while simultaneously in
a Terminal 3 restroom
Jim Bob Johnson
unclogged a drain, turned around
walked away smiling triumphantly.

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