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Phases (In a Woman’s Life)


(In a Woman’s Life)

written by: Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris


To be born
Is to Live
To thrive and to grow
Is to begin

Begin to learn
To Love
Nurtured into being
To be is filled with love

Love of parents
To love one’s sisters
Sweet and graceful
Tough and formidable

To fall in love
With the one for you
To love the one chosen
For an entire lifetime

Bearing children
To do so or not
A choice to be protected
To protect choice always

To experience paralyzing grief
As parents pass away
To find a family divided by greed
Wanting materialistic memories

Watching children grow up
To become parents themselves
Growing older, wiser but forgetful
To begin life’s downward journey

Body grows ever more feeble
Moving brings on unbearable pain
Grandkids have kids – great grandkids
To begin the cycle again



This poem set the premise for a chapbook of poetry which reflects not only the myriad of phases I have had to pass through; some joyful, some sad, many grief-stricken and a lot just happy to be alive.

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