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Discovering Air

Discovering Air

written by: Cristina Munoz



unexpected love falls lightly
like autumn drizzle so gently
i barely noticed my body
being slowly soaked past
blood, bone into marrow
until there was no denying
every single replacing cell
became like a sponge
drenched in you
which is weirdly funny
since i once believed
with all of my stubborn
prideful spanish being
love is akin to drowning
if possible must be avoided
and if not definitely survived

until i realised i was already
struggling deep under water
fighting to barely breathe
denying myself due to grief
until that supernatural night
when in wonder we witnessed
two beams of white light suddenly
stream out from our stomachs
our separate souls flowing
then entwining like silks

whilst hearing the whoosh
i felt the true essence of you
becoming knitted with my own
instantly letting go i rose
breaking through the stormy
sea surface of my own making
experiencing for the first time
unpolluted and ocean salt fresh
destined love is discovering air
explaining why we haven’t had
a single cold night apart since
finally both breathing fully
warm and totally alive

my love have i told you lately
how i adore your dry sense of humour?
my freed lungs enjoy thanking you
especially while we’re snuggling
under summer crisp sheets
sharing playful witty banter
together so much laughter
discovering air

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