Life Is A Scam, a poem written by Lewis Wamwanda at

Life Is A Scam

Life Is A Scam

written by: Lewis Wamwanda


We struggle to keep running
Holding onto tomorrow
But the tags we carry
Threaten to pull us back to yesterday

They say life is fair
I have no proof of that
For mine has not flowed their way
The difference is the momentum

We struggle for bread
Yet on our tables are crumbs
We struggle for a little wine
All we get is a drop of water

Life is unfair
We work at the same work
But why do they get richer?
And me?
Poorer by passing seconds

We cry and sweat
Toiling all day long
They dine and laugh
Making merry all day

Life is a scam
A witness I am
And will fight
Till the end of time

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