I See You, and I Hear You, poem by Hannah Scott at Spillwords.com
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I See You, and I Hear You

I See You, and I Hear You

written by: Hannah Scott


Drooping eyelids and downcast eyes,
avoiding eye contact to protect outward thoughts.
Mental fuzziness and detachment,
consistently doubting my abilities.

‘I’m so stupid,
I mess everything up!’

Shoulders and arms curling forward,
shielding my body with tense muscles.
Turning away and talking from the side,
constant self-critical judgement.

‘I can’t wear this shirt,
look at my large stomach!’

Mumbling in a soft-spoken voice,
almost a constant ache in my throat.
Rubbing my wrist raw,
self-soothing gestures.

‘Who am I kidding?
He won’t look at me twice!’

Bundling up in thick layers,
hiding my repulsive body.
Bearing a large aching grin,
to hide my true feelings.

‘I’m fine.
Everything is okay!’

I just wish someone could see me,
bypassing my body and to my soul.
To make me happy again,
and destroy my critical thoughts.

‘I see you.
And I hear you!’

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