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Lifeboats / Jackets


Lifeboats / Jackets

written by: Gerry Stefanson



Two things you must acquire
could be the last things you use.
could be your redemption
like an evangelist on a quota.

the life jacket should fit each one – for safety reason,
the life boat should fit all – for any reason.

stories submerged
errr emerged from Titanic
that women and children disembark first rule,
didn’t quite hold water.

Lifeboats, can be metaphors for landlubbers too,
all aboard, usually includes the cast of your own
shipload of friends, families and crew.

note – friends without ‘fri’, precurser of ends
families without ‘fami’, precurser of lies
crew without “U” is still a crew.

Lacking the above groupings, you
could technically be “lost at sea”
as a metaphor liken to being a sailor
but not totally required.

whether on land or sea
“man over board”
means the same thing.
So “anchors aweigh..”



Passages series photography by Kumiko Hawkes – Shizen Photography

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