If Rain Could, poetry by Theodora Oniceanu at Spillwords.com

If Rain Could

If Rain Could

written by: Theodora Oniceanu



If the rain could speak
The words too loudly yelling
Sun-burst of hell out of hell;

If it could let you know
As it patters the shield of glass,
Trickling down broken across the window;

If it could tell to you
The whole story while you take your time
To listen and learn something wise from it.

If rain could let you know
Just how to handle it and make no mistake,
At least then, I think, all of it not in vain.



I wanted to write a classic sonnet but ended up working this out. It does carry with the rhythm I intended. It tells the moods of the rain and rainy seasons and brings back memories. I was wondering, these days, while watching my cat spending time alone watching the weather outside: “What is she thinking about?” Her answer to my question was “Meow”; and this is my interpretation of her word with me.

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