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What is influencing? Is it some kind of magic or hypnotism? Why is it important? This is something that is really important to have a better today and bright tomorrow. Just as setting goals is important, having a kind of influence is also important. These words look very small and don’t seem to be of much importance to many but it does help when you know the right ingredient which makes the food not only tasty but also healthy.

There is another word “convincing” which sounds similar to influence. Yes, they sound similar in meaning but have little difference between them. I will get to the difference in the later part but the thing to understand now is about the importance of influence. What is influence according to you? There will be many different kinds of answers but I’ll give an easier explanation, Influence is something that makes you do a particular work after recognising someone dear to you doing the same or similar fashion. In simple words influence is what makes you act just by someone’s actions or words.

Everyone has heard this word much in their childhood wherein parents say it to their kids, “don’t get into bad people’s influence”. Now you all might be getting a picture of what influencing is. Most of them get influenced by celebrities and very little by ordinary people and this is very well known because celebrities have achieved something great whereas ordinary people didn’t. But what about those celebrities who were once ordinary just like us? Who influenced them to become great? Their seniors? Ok, what about them? There might be some point in time wherein there was no influence but a simple man who achieved his dreams and became an ideal to others.

It’s not about following others’ footsteps but creating your own. It’s good that you get influenced by great people in life but that doesn’t mean you need to do the same as they have done it but you can apply your own methods to reach your goal. If you are getting the motivation from some star and his influence is guiding you then there is no hard rule to do the same as they have, the time when they achieved it was different but today there is the availability of technology, utilise it and make your own way. This will give you more recognition and not when you just follow in some prepared footsteps. Making your own way will also influence others to be like you.

Now coming to convincing, there is no much difference in them, convincing will not give you the fire to act upon the goal that you’ve decided after conceiving something. If an actor is doing well in his role, the character will be convincing that it suited him and no other could have done it better, whereas if the same actor did extraordinary by adding some of his own ideas will not only convince but put on the blaze in viewers which will influence them to have similar dedication to achieve something. People get convinced to good work and influenced to bad or unhealthy work because this seems easy whereas to go in a right way is difficult and it also tests you at every corner of the life. This is why having a strong influence on something is very important which gives you dedication and willpower to act upon.

Earlier I have mentioned the hierarchy from a common or ordinary man who stood out of the box and became an inspiration to others. Why not do it yourself? We have so much liberty and knowledge, the technology makes our work so simple and is so reliable, then convert those traditional hard-working techniques to smart work. Even this is not easy as it seems, patience is the key to get something big. Having proper ideology and influence will just ignite the blaze but to stick to it requires dedication and belief.

This will happen when you enjoy every step of your work and never hate it. Even if you fail, enjoy it that you have done something new, every invention was first a failure, nothing is achieved in one go, and even if you do you won’t have the full experience of success. Failing and starting over is tough and irritating but remember when you start over, you are not a freshman anymore but have the experience of the previous attempts and start with new strategies. Never follow the same strategy at every repetition instead bring something new which may get you through. Repeating the same strategy and idea will make you break down at the same obstacle again and again.

The celebrities which are at their peak today would have failed in the early career, but they didn’t take the same path and ideas every time or else it would have made them fail every time at the same point and may have thought of quitting but instead they took new steps every time they came back and became stronger to face the obstacles. You can influence yourself by having proper vision of what you really want to do in your life even if you are at the verge of extinction.

Get influenced, get motivated, believe in yourself, and put in all the effort until you get to the milestone, and don’t just get convinced.

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