Ingrained Into Society, poetry by Beth A. Greenwood at
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Ingrained Into Society

Ingrained Into Society

written by: Beth A. Greenwood


We are people who live, laugh, love.
Some of us hate this phrase,
Some of us love it,
But that isn’t what unites us.
It isn’t the ‘you versus us’ that unites us either.

Many people – from both sides –
See it as this the be all and end all.
Both sides are much more than they believe,
For one it is vital for the other.

If we all thought the same things,
Perspective would never happen if we:
Used the same narratives,
Same operating systems,
The exact same identities.

But there is one narrative we all use –
Intentionally or not – and that is the ‘you versus us’.
And it needs to stop.

For we ourselves are ingrained into society;
But our communities are not.

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