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When an incident becomes a blow pain will be originated. People move on with pain. As they move on with pain they feel that they live on.
Answer will not be known when the question “where is no pain?” was asked.
From sand will water be generated?
With pain people exist. With people pain will subsist.
Pains are many kinds. Ways are many through which pains arrive. To get rid of pains treatments too are many. Treatments are under way pains are on the rise.

An occurrence of error leads to an incident to become a blow.
An error is the root cause to a pain.
When error was never occurred? When pain has not generated?
A something or other error will occur. A something or other pain will originate.
Errors took place… errors take place… errors will take place…
Pains took place… pains take place… pains will take place…
Errors will not stop pains will not end as long as life counts its modes of living.

No life will be known without errors and pains. No hill will be seen with softness.

Living is a collection of incidents. Life is a compilation of errors and pains.

Living is an error. Life is a pain.
Is it not?

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