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It Is, It Be

It is, it be

written by: Don Knowles



It is what it is what it is
Shrug your shoulders
Turn away walk away and concede
A silent retreat
Leaving things incomplete
A woeful resignation
Without thorough contemplation
Leaves conversation extinct or on its brink
It be what it be what it be
Acceptance of hardships reality
Like the cycle of aging
From crawling to running to stagnation
Nature’s forces biased towards maturation
Each day a bit older
Each day a bit wiser
From the womb to the grave in one blink
I won’t I can’t I will I can
Rolling around indecisive again
I will not lay down
Dwelling far underground
My eyes are wide open
My will is not broken
You can come on along
While I’m writing my psalms
I’ll take pause to give thanks
For all those inside my ranks
But surrendering is not in my plank
No part of my policy
I say do not tread on me
Believe what you want of me
I is what I is I am
I aim for what I can
It is what it all can be
From inside and out of me
Join me or leave me be
I is what I is what I is

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