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It’s Never Goodbye

It’s Never Goodbye

written by: Francisco Bravo Cabrera


It’s never a goodbye…
One more kiss to close the eyes
so when they once again will open,
it will be the smiling face of God,
filling the air, filling the void,
answering the questions,
comforting the hurt,
caressing away the
tears and giving life again
they’ll see…

More than a century together…

One more word, eternal sound,
the sound of one farewell,
which remains within
these ears forever,
the sound of that clear voice
I heard for so many, so many years
will never bounce around these walls again
but in my thoughts it will eternally remain…

“Don’t forget about me…”

A smile throughout the phrase
pronounced in calmness,
but in haste, as time,
implacable and cruel,
cares little for our grief,
cares nothing for the love we give.

But it’s never a goodbye,
It’s always so long dear,
you and I will rise again,
will kiss and love once more,
there’s never a real end
there’s always so much more.



There’s never a goodbye. No one that is loved is ever truly gone from those who loved them in return.

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