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written by: Ma. Karenina Galang Patac


When I was a child
I always wanted to write
No subject no categories
Just anything running through my young mind

Then I reached my teenage years
I found writing more fascinating
With the subject of crush or puppy love
Doodling anything about a cute guy

Come college I knew what I wanted
To belong in a world where pens are swords
Took up journalism as a course
To be my avenue to reach my goals

While working I realized one thing
That I’m not made to be out in the field
But thanks to my editor who polished my works
I was grateful to have some bylines of my own

Now at 40ish and working from home
I found the courage to write once more
Of poetry no matter how unpolished it may be
‘Coz it brings back the joy and the confidence in me

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