A Cowboy in Bethlehem, a poem by Gregory Matthews at Spillwords.com

A Cowboy in Bethlehem

A Cowboy in Bethlehem

written by: Gregory Matthews


I’ll bet there was a cowboy in Bethlehem that night,
Trailing his herd of cattle toward the star that shone so bright
O’er the rundown little stable, where the Virgin Mary gave birth
To little Baby Jesus, our Savior here on earth,

And when they lined the manger where the Christ child was to lay,
I’ll bet it was the cowboy who brought the bale of hay,
He prob’ly built a fire and got the coffee goin’
And hung his horse’s blanket, to keep the chilly wind from blowin’

When the cattle started lowing and the Child starts to wake,
You can bet your boots and saddle that a cowboy’s what it takes
To calm them of their fears and jitters and quiet them through the night,
Just like our Lord and Savior makes everything just right,

The Kings from the east brought myrrh and frankincense and such,
But I’ll bet it was the cowboy that brought the Christmas chuck,
Biscuits, beans and gravy, I’m sure brought such great joy,
To the bellies of the Shepherds and the little drummer boy,

And after the grub was eaten and the fire starts to die,
He prob’ly pulled out his mouth harp and blew a lullaby,
A tune so sweet and tender it brought an aching to your heart,
And the angels came down from Heaven and joined him with their harps,

Yeah, I’ll bet it was a cowboy who welcomed the three Magi,
Following the Christmas star that shone up in the sky,
Some say it was Melchior of Persia, and from India came Gaspar,
And from the land of Arabia, came King Balthazar,

Now folks, when you read about the birth of Christ
Or about these three wise men,
Let’s not forget the cowboy,
I think his name was Slim!

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