Infinite Shades of Grey..!!, poetry by Monika Ajay Kaul at

Infinite Shades of Grey..!!

Infinite Shades of Grey..!!

written by: Monika Ajay Kaul



The serene Grey of the hills and the sea
that seeps into our soul,
when we reach to them in breaks
to relieve the tedium of our lives.

That hue of Grey.. of the tarmac tracks
that we tread each morning,
throwing away last night’s inhibitions
and hail a worthy new day.

The smoky Grey of her mascara
that she wipes after each day’s work,
till it’s bewitching black again the next day
just to keep life pampered.

The murky Grey water clouding and sliding
down the cheeks of that mother’s eyes,
who fails to feed her children
even after backbreaking days.

Grey, just like the venom fumes
that glide from the crevices of lips
of the teenagers, who are addicted
to the breath of a devil.

Grey like the toupee of old people
who never forget to smile even if
they cannot remember the names
of their grandkids they raised.

That shade of Grey which resembles
our memories, the past..
that stays obscured
in the corners of our mind and heart.

We live in infinite shades of Grey.

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