Harvest Of Gold, written by LadyLily at Spillwords.com

Harvest Of Gold

Harvest of Gold

written by: LadyLily



Birthed from an acorn,
eyes open, love-lit gold,
chimes its silent bell.
Sulphur flames levitate…
Expand to a peach horizon
where mysterious beings crochet
chestnut dew.

A Silversmith’s sculpture, mistress of fine arts…
Her magic dressed mustardy, mocha-copper
wands October shades.
Her thousand voices gabble
like spirits of virgin Sprites.

Swifts swoop embroidering rings of russet,
through pollen clouded mists
from one hundred flaxen Lilies.
Autumn saturates spiced pumpkin hues,
Late wizard-white Roses suffocate under Knitbone,
their ashes swallowed in absolute nothingness.

Sun’s amber rays crawl
like running wax over a cake…
A vibrant nest of mounted ants
rummage for treasured fruits,
scoffing sad, old apples.

Final whispers of Summer,
ghost breaths of time past
skim through a dazzled season…
Caramel sketches broke her heart.
Now, a paper-cut shadow,
beauty expanded into a violet void.
Pastels will reap dawn’s brushwork once again.

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