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He Stood Alone Upon Her Step

He Stood Alone Upon Her Step

written by: Allan Edward Tierney


He stood alone upon her step
The step where laughter had so often danced,
and wondered where it all had gone,
erased as if by chance

The night was dark as he stood there,
looking up at her bedroom light
So very far it was and out of reach,
that place where life was bright

His heart was heavy, and very dark
with a pain beyond words to say
He was excised, cut out, removed
from the warmth of the previous day

His tortured mind was numb and cold,
he was utterly cast out
Hardly now a member of the human race,
a soul riven and in doubt

She was there; her warmth, so near, yet far,
fading so quickly from his life
The love they’d known was vanished and gone,
he knew he’d lost his wife.

The rain fell drizzling through the night
as he turned slowly and walked away,
weeping bitter tears, and wondering
how to face the dawning day…

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