It Is Hoped... poetry written by Puneet Kumar at
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It Is Hoped…

It Is Hoped…

written by: Puneet Kumar



It is in the air
that he is dead
He died due to his heart
His blood soon clotted
His autopsy says
His respiratory system was fine
… but some unknown shock took his life

It is said
now he is a ghost.
He walks
with his unspoken pang of love.
He says
God exists.
He has seen
and has felt Him.
He comes and ever comes
through his heart as his love
whispers those magical words of love
that rattle his heart
and with an uncontrolled passion
he holds Him tight in embrace
God! Injects poison in his soul
and vanishes…
Four times
He conspires to kill him.
Each time He fails.

Alas! It was the fifth time
and the last
and the most subtle and the sweetest.
He dies in peace
after finishing his last letter of love
to his sweet stuff

Ghost! He is now.
He utters
He falls in love
with a girl from a foreign land
her smile first steals his heart
soon then her eyes.

He reads her love
in those magical eyes…
He smiles in passion
and his life is in bliss.
He dreams a thousand dreams
probably in his dream
He asked her- A KISS
her refusal becomes his death.

Now he is a ghost
walks with his unspoken pang of love
Searches for his woman
his soulmate,
his God,
his sweet stuff

It is hoped
If she kisses him,
Gives him her wet kisses
He could again be alive.

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