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written by: N. K. Hasen



The full moon rides high in the sky.
The moonlight shines down
To which I cannot hide.
Deep inside my body
I feel the cage inside me open,
Open wide to let my inner beast arise.
Hear the cracking crunching of joints begin
Each twisting to a new shape within.
Bone on bone shift agonizing to the point, stretching to the extreme.
My human nose elongates to a snout
Hear the shattering of human teeth fall out
As canine fangs replace the empty mouth.
Chest and body burn like touching hot coals beneath my feet.
I claw at my clothes,
Shredding them to pieces
Hoping this will stop the burning within.
The change continues to no end
I feel a tail as my new bones cannot withstand
I fall on all fours.
I feel prickle like needles spouting out.
The fur grows like wild fire all over from head to toe.
My vision becomes sharper,
My smell, my hearing are magnified to the max.
My hands have become claws,
Sharp enough to tear through your flesh with ease.
By now the transformation is complete,
I let out a blood curdling AWOOOOOOOOOOOOO,
While the full moon continues to wash over me.

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