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On Halloween Night

written by: N. K. Hasen



On Halloween night they say there is
Curses, creatures, and souls beyond the grave
Come to curse, haunt our world
To fill us with dread
To terrorize us to death
Creatures creep along silently
Until you feel the cold chill in the air
Or the feeling you are being watched
Curses rage more at this time of year
Be wary of what goes bump in the night
Watch your back for these Halloween creatures
Never know what to expect on Halloween night

N. K. Hasen

N. K. Hasen

I am a poet, writer and amateur photographer who lives in Ohio with my dog, Kana. I have written eleven poetry self-published books and 1 short book. I enjoy writing poetry, especially dog poetry. My dog, Chelsey, who passed away last year has given me inspiration in many of my poetry writings, I have a poetry blog 'Poetry by Hasen'.
N. K. Hasen

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