Great Room At Grandma's, written by N. K. Hasen at

Great Room At Grandma’s

Great Room At Grandma’s

written by: N. K. Hasen



We are told not to go in yet;
wait on the stairs till all seven
of us cousins are seated on the stairs.
We watch from our perch peeping over
eyes wide in wonder on Christmas morning;
waiting for the signal to bound in the
Great living room to open presents.

Endless wait as parents go and check;
then say they need to get their coffee
before letting us in. Waiting too long
the camcorder comes out ready to follow
every move we make from the stairs to
where the presents and stockings await us.

Finally ready our parents give the go 1,2,3;
go see what Santa got you all this year. We
bound off our perch running our little legs
to the great living room. A room where memories
are made and families get together for the holidays.

Piles of presents greet us as we enter
each of us finding our name; rushing over
to rip open with delighted child enthusiasm.
Wrapping paper, boxes are laid out after a couple
minutes of ripping through the contents to
see what we receive from Santa.

Christmas tree sparkles its lights
as we all parents and kids sit around
the room soaking up the Christmas Day
atmosphere and wishing the day would never
end. There will be more Christmases but
us kids don’t stay young for long
before one by one we start our own
families and Christmas Day traditions
and coming to Grandma’s house is now
only for Christmas Eve as part of cousins
go home to their families for Christmas Day.

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