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Remembrance of Tinsel

written by: Ken Allan Dronsfield



Flowing grace, waving in the breeze like crowds at a ball game.

Back-lit with colored lights and shimmering tinted strands of the

tidings of tinsel. Branches sway in unison to gusty williwaws whilst

the blinking and chasing lights danced their favorite minuets.

Blue candles were in every window of the house, three in front.

Greeting cards adorned the fireplace mantle and stockings

hung patiently waiting for treats from the great man in red.

Mom's favorite chocolate chip cookies graced an oval plate,

a fresh glass of milk with napkin and carrots for the reindeer.

Those memories are burned into every fiber of my being. Even

the scent of the pine incense burning in a holder on the old desk

igniting the atmosphere of hopes and dreams for a young child.

A toboggan in the corner, skis, colorful packaged gifts all about.

The laughs, the giggles, the tears, and jovial smiles. We ran from

the house on Christmas morn to check the roof for hoof and sled marks.

The mysterious visitor always kept silent and never revealed

his presence, except in the lovely memories left on Christmas Day.

Ken Allan Dronsfield

Ken Allan Dronsfield

AUGUST 2019 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Ken Allan Dronsfield is a disabled veteran, prize winning poet and fabulist from New Hampshire, now residing on the plains of Oklahoma. He is widely published in magazines, journals, reviews and anthologies throughout the US and abroad. He has three poetry collections, "The Cellaring", 80 poems of light horror, paranormal, weird and wonderful work. His second book, "A Taint of Pity", contains 52 Life Poems Written with a Cracked Inflection. Ken's third poetry collection, "Zephyr's Whisper", 64 Poems and Parables of a Seasonal Pretense, and includes his poem, "With Charcoal Black, Version III", selected as the First Prize Winner in Realistic Poetry International's recent Nature Poem Contest. Ken won First Prize for his Haiku on Southern Collective Experience. He's been nominated three times for both the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net for 2016-2018. Ken loves writing, hiking, thunderstorms, and spending time with his cats Willa and Yumpy.
Ken Allan Dronsfield

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