Dog's Take on Halloween, poetry written by N. K. Hasen at
Ben Hanson

Dog’s Take on Halloween

Dog’s Take on Halloween

written by: N. K. Hasen



What’s up with weird costumes you wear once a year
Some are scary and look too funny on you
Why do you always want to put one on me too
Those bags smell good; I wish you would open one bag for me
But, you nudge me away, saying they’re bad for me
You are worried about what would happen if I eat them
And why does doorbell ring almost every minute
I bark; you hush me as you open door
Little voices shout: trick or treat
You grab a big bowl now with candies
And pass a few out as I watch with envy
Wishing I could grab those treats for myself
Alas, the Halloween decorations are too far to reach
For I would like to get a hold of them
And you told me, I had to wait to do my business until after eight o’clock
I’m trying my best after woofing down Halloween biscuit and lapping tons of water
Will these two hours never end
Wake me up when this holiday is gone

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